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Schedule an open non-claustrophobic MRI now!

Welcome to the Imaging Center at CDA Spine located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We provide convenient, comfortable, and high quality MRI for North Idaho and Eastern Washington.

The newest state of the art MRI at the Imaging Center at CDA Spine ensures you the most advanced and most comfortable open MRI available in the Inland Northwest! The American College of Radiology accredited MRI is located in Kootenai County near Spokane, Washington.

The non-claustrophobic open MRI

at the Imaging Center at CDA Spine takes the best open MRI images of all parts of the body including spine MRI, shoulder MRI, hip MRI, knee MRI, ankle MRI, foot MRI, brain MRI, and abdomen MRI. Pediatric MRI is done without sedation and with the child sitting on his or her parent or guardian’s lap in a comfortable MRI position.

The non-claustrophobic open MRI design means no sedation is needed. Watch TV or listen to music during your MRI. The open MRI features make the Imaging Center at CDA Spine MRI the Kootenai MRI of choice for comfort in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Inland Northwest area. Each of our radiologists is fellowship trained in MRI, assuring the most accurate and consistent interpretations. Images and interpretations are available immediately to your physician after the MRI test is completed leading to faster, more accurate diagnoses.

The quiet, comfortable, non-claustrophobic open outpatient MRI experience, combined with the high-speed, high-resolution imaging of the MRI at the Imaging Center at CDA Spine makes our MRI the best choice for your North Idaho MRI.

Wherever you are in the Inland Northwest, be it Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint, North Idaho, or even Canada, you can trust that the Imaging Center at CDA Spine is the best MRI option available. We offer MRI and X-Ray.